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Our Story

This journal is for us—yes, us. As a therapist, I often suggest to my clients to journal.


Journaling is an expressive space to process our thoughts and feelings constructively. It’s a space for us to exist, where nobody is looking at our spelling or facial expressions or picking up on our vibes. We deserve that space.

I journal in my personal life and write down my moods, time of day, and dreams. It is a way for me to make sense of how we are all connecting. A way for me to heal.

I never saw myself as a writer or a creator. While in graduate school I thought of a book that would be able to help people process their thoughts and feelings on different topics, the first, Dating & Relationships. 


I decided to take a chance on myself and create. I started writing, got discouraged, picked it back up, then stopped. In the summer of 2021, I decided to pick it back up and completed thus giving you the work that took years of believing and feeling discouraged to create.


I hope these journals create access toward growth and self-healing - Dr. Vance  



My Pocket Therapist Journal was founded in 2022 by Dr. Thomas Vance.

During graduate school in Akron, Ohio is where he discovered the healing and growth tool of journaling.

For him, My Pocket Therapist Journal is a space for all people to explore, and create healing through writing. 

Our Journals

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