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My Pocket Therapist Journal: Dating & Relationships is a 7-Week guided journal with 49 reflection questions, writing prompts, and application to facilitate growth towards becoming a more healed version of yourself.


This tool of healing was designed for self-awareness, exploration, and growth. This journal makes the perfect addition to your morning or nighttime self-care routine.


Whether  single, or with a long-term partner, this journal is designed to continue your journey in becoming more connected and aligned.

My Pocket Therapist Journal: Dating & Relationships

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  • ✓ 7-Weeks of thoughtful journal prompts, reflections, and activities that can be started at any date
    ✓ Mood tracker to keep a record of your mood, which can be very useful. The more you use the mood tracker, the more you begin to notice how certain situations trigger certain moods. 
    ✓ Helps you prioritize personal growth and wellness daily 
    ✓ Reach end of each page feeling uncluttered and more aligned with yourself

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